Designer blades with an edge

Designed by Alan Folts, Folts Knives are of superior design and superb craftsmanship. Each knife is carefully thought out, from the use of the very best materials to the fine workmanship that can only come from a lifetime of dedication, learning and experience in one's art.


Become the proud owner of your own custom blade.

If you appreciate the very best in blade design, technology and craftsmanship, then you already know of Alan Folts and his highly sought after products. Built for use, these knives are still beautiful to behold.

More important, however, is that they are designed with the task at hand in mind. From hunting and fishing to chores around the house, you'll appreciate the extremely sharp blade, the thoughtful features, the superb hardware and the ergonomic feel of each knife or sword Alan designs.

Best of all, you can have the blade of your dreams crafted by Alan. He can take your rough ideas or drawings and create a knife or sword that is not only unique, but which reflects your own personality and tastes.


Style, precision fitting, with a custom touch. I use and have carried knives by Alan Folts for general use, self defense, and the beauty of the knives.

I trust these knives with not only my life, but those of my loved ones.

- J.M., North Carolina



As they say, seeing is believing and even the most professionally shot photos can't do justice to the elegance, detail and artistry of these fine blades. Take a look through our gallery and let your own imagination take it from there.




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