Testimonials and Reviews

At Folts Knives, we are extremely gratified by the many letters and e-mails we receive from satisfied customers who love their knives.

We could probably fill pages of this site with the notes, review articles and videos we've received.

Instead, we have selected a few that we thought were particularly represent the feedback we have received to date. Check back as we add more in the future. Who knows? Your own testimonial may show up right here, once you see for yourself our commitment to top quality and superior customer service.



A CRKT Minimalist Review from YouTube


We love this knife!

Not only is it useful, but a topic of conversation! It's cute and we love it so much we plan to buy one for each of our children! Thanks! Recommend to anyone who hunts, fishes or is just outdoors.

-Richard, SC


Check out this CKRT Folts Minimalist review from CanadianWildernessSurvival.com


A terrific product... thanks!

Style, precision fitting, with a custom touch. I use and have carried knives by Alan Folts for general use, self defense, and the beauty of the knives.

I trust these knives with not only my life, but those of my loved ones.

- J.M., North Carolina

A great hunting knife

I love my Folts knife and I want to buy one for all of my brothers. It is so much like a knife I was designing for myself that I canceled my plans and bought this. The cutting edge is flat so it is easy to sharpen on my whet stones. the size is small enough to fit in my fist so I can cover it as I reach into the chest cavity of a deer to sever the esophagus and the trachea when field dressing. This is my new favorite knife and I plan to carry it in my possibles bag - I had been using an ancient boy scout folder that has always had some sort of extra magical weight in my hand that feels perfect- but I know that my Folts will be the knife that every generation of my ance.

- Tim, Ohio

One of the best knive I've had

Man this thing fits in my hand/fingers like a glove. Really like the whole look, feel and action. You did a great job on this Alan! Thanks much. One of the nicest neck knives I have....and I have a lot The wharnie blade really adds to the looks. Made of ATS-34, black/tan G10 and stainless tubing. He said this one was a real winner at Blade and I can see why.

- Ken, Oregon

The perfect birthday present!

I needed a knife for my fathe'rs upcoming birthday. My father has never had a custom before, and i wanted to share my passion with him in some way. I wanted an 8 in chef's knife with bolstered handles that kind of matched the counters in my dads house...

I was extremely please with the results. So was my father. Not a day has gone by that he has not used the knife, it is as sharp as it could be.

- Shawn, Florida




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