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March 7, 2012 - Check out the new CRKT S.P.E.W.


Been thinking it's about time you add a new knife to your collection? Well, here you go. The new Folts CRKT S.P.E.W.s are now for sale. SPEW was originalyly designed as a pocket carry longer version of the Wharncliffe blade in the Minimalist collection. It was originally designed for a customer that wanted a smoother, longer pocket carry. The S.P.E.W. is a thing 3/32 inch blade. It's has a 6 1/4 inch OAL with a straight Wharncliffe blade of 2 3/4 inches. The handle is layered G10 and is textured for a more tactile feel. It has a glass-filled nylon sheath with a multi-position clip and neck cord.



September 15, 2010 - New CRKT Minimalists are available!

Are you ready for some Minimalists? The new CRKT Minimalists are now available. In addition to the original model, you can try out the new Tanto and Bowie blades and have the whole CRKT collection! You can find them at Grand Prairie and A.G. Russell




September 15, 2010 - New Grand Prairie Exclusive Folts Blades!

This is a new exclusive design heading to Grand Prairie Knives this week. Here are the specs:

These lightweight blades are made of 1/8th inch ATS-34. In the picture, one of these is in red and black G10, the other in polished ivory micarta. The blade length is 3 1/2 inch and the overall length is 7 inches. They have aluminum tubbing and weigh in at only 2.8 ounces each!



August 16, 2010 - New Ti Offerings are coming!

Ihave a new line of titanium baby bears and Minimalists coming out soon! The one in the picture has been taken to the extreme and is deep hand-carved titanium that has been anodized in four colors. Expect to see more Tii knives with some fun etched and carved designs coming at you in the next few months.


August 16, 2010 - CRKT Minimalists at

Try this out - go to and type 'Folts' in the search window. Yes, the Minimalist design has epanded it's availability to! Soon, hopefully, you will be able to also grab this production model in the bricks and mortar stores as well.


July 29, 2010 - Join my newsletter and enter for a chance to win this custom minimalist!

We are rolling out a Folts Knives newsletter in August. The newsletter will go out about once a month and have information like knife care, knife industry news, answers to your knife questions and a First Dibs area where you can get a chance to pick up new Foltsoriginals before the rest of the world sees them.

Thinking you'll get around to signing up? Well, sign up now because those who sign up for the newsletter by August 15th will be automatically entered into a drawing to win the custom blue minimalist you see here! Just click the box below to join.


June 3, 2010 - Come see me at Blade Show 2010 in Atlanta!

Some of the Blade Show Inventory - Click for a close up




June 1, 2010 Bubble Packs Hitting Stores -

Folts Minimalists are starting to show up in stores. The picture to th right was sent to me by John who spotted the Minimalist bubble pack at the Base Exchange at Fort Lee in Virginia. Others have spotted them at Bass Pro Shops. Keep your eyes peeled for them!



April 3, 2010 - Dinner Impossible

I got to see one of my knives featured on Dinner Impossible on Food Network this week and got to see it go through a pirate woman's fingers. You may have seen the French Trade Chef's Knifeon my gallery page.

In the Pirate Peril episode it was used by Scarlet Jai, who was one of Chef Robert Irvine's sous chefs. She made it about halfway through the show before she sliced into the tips of two of her fingers with the knife. She was pulled off the set while they bandaged her up and said she was impressed with the knife because it didn't even hurt when it cut her.

As soon as they got her bandaged up she was back on the set chopping the next things on her board. The cameras closed in for a couple close ups of her working the blade and show my logo front and center. Here's a clip of her at work.


Jan. 21, 2010

The Columbia River Knife & Tool 2010 catalog is out and this year there are three Folts Minimalist designs available. They even have their own catalog page layout! Click on the catalog image below to go to the CRKT Minimalist Page.



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