Helpful Links

There are some great resources out on the Internet. As a fellow lover of blades, knives, weapons in general and exotic materials to work with, I've assembled a collection of great links to other sites.

Some of these companies I've worked with for many years or have come to trust their services or products.

If you know of a company I should look at and consider adding to the website, please contact me.



See another venture in my metalwork -- titanium chopsticks.

Arizona Custom Knives

Arizona Custom Knives, a staple for over 15 years, they offer some of my designs as well as TiStix.


Grand Prairie Knives

Grand Prairie offers a number of my designs including some exclusive styles.


Columbia River Knife and Tool

Columbia River Knife and Tool has licensed my minimalist design.

Blade Art

They have been carrying my knives for sale for some time.

Pop's Knives and Supplies

A great source for steel, belts, abrasives and other knife making supplies.

Custom Knives and Guns

A discussion forum for custom knife and gun enthusiasts.

Ostrich Market, Inc.

A great source for high quality leather, skins and hides.

Davi's Guns

Davi's Guns carry a variety of my blades for sale.

Usual Suspect Network

A forum for discussions on custom knives, guns, tactical gear and more.

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